GamePlay Updated


BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has just updated their open-source and cross-platform C++ game framework called GamePlay. GamePlay had been updated to V1.4 a nice jump from V1.2 when it was initially released in April. Gameplay is geared directly to indie game devs allowing them to develop once and distribute cross-platform

New features in V1.4
•Lua script bindings on all public interfaces of the framework.
•Script binding generator tool for creating user-defined Lua script bindings from Doxygen XML.
•AI state machine for AI programming/scripting on game objects.
•Virtual gamepad input support with custom theming using UI system.
•Optimizations using NEON math for mobile platforms.
•Compressed texture support for DXT, PVRTC, ATC and ETC1.
•Improved modular shaders with support for #include in shaders and new light map support.
•Optimizations and Improvements to the UI system such as inertial scrolling and scrollbars.
•Pre-built versions of the gameplay-encoder and gameplay-luagen tools.
•Optimizations in animation and physics.
•Fixes to support Maya 2012/2013 COLLADA DAE_FBX export.
•FBX 2013 format support.

Future planned features:
•Linux support.
•Vehicle physics.
•AI path finding with navigation meshes.
•Physical Gamepad input for Xbox 360, Wii, and Bluetooth® HID controllers.
•Scene editor tool.

I think its really great RIM is making these tools available to developers and I’m super excited about the possibility of physical gamepad input and what that will open up to the world of mobile gaming.



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