Xbox Rumor Round-Up





There has been plenty of rumors popping up over the last few months about the mystical unicorn which is the Xbox 720. Today we’re going to take a look at some of these rumors to try and make heads or tails of this topsy turvey world of next gen consoles.

What’s in a name?

Recently Microsoft went on a shopping spree for domain names pertaining to the Xbox. Most notable of the bunch was and Let look deeper at Some believe that this could lead to the name Xbox Infinity, could be, or it could also line up with rumors that Microsoft wants to streamline all devices with Windows 8. Windows 8 PC’s, tablets, phones, and why not the Xbox8. You can already see hints of Windows 8 in the current Xbox with the titled UI. One operating system to take over the world, and making everything play nice together would be an added bonus. ( Or boni if you will )

hate when my disc’s get scratched.

Could the new Xbox skip the disc drive?? Let’s face it everything is headed to the cloud anyways and if Microsoft could take its already excellent online offering to the next level, I for one embrace this disc-less world. This would also jive with the rumor that the new Xbox wouldn’t be able to play used games. Can’t played used game without a disc drive. (So long gamestop)

Blu is the new Black
Well blu-ray capabilities sure would be a nice addition to an already one stop shop for media. Buuuuttt for this one to pan out we would definitely need a disc drive. So one of these rumors is lying. Into the interrogation room with rumors! Wait so does this make me the good cop or the bad co….oh nevermind.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

2013 that is. The latest grain of salt to be sprinkled around the web is that the next gen XBox will be released in 18 months. Sounds pretty reasonable to us and would align the release with the most wonderful shopping time of the year. No not my birthday. Christmas! In case you couldn’t figure it out. “You boy, what day is it?”

There you have it folks, the Xbox 720 rumor round up. Sound off in the comments, and tell us what you think.



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