Marvel Vs. Capcom: Origins

Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is a game I hold near and dear to my heart. Not only was it the start of a wonderful franchise, bringing web slinging and fireballs together at last, it also reminds me of a simpler time. A time when 8 of my buddies and I would gather together at a friends house after school, order 3 or 4 pizza’s and play the game for hours. We engaged in tournaments so intense that on several occasions we would be thrown out by my friends parents after breaking out into fisty cuffs when someone broke the “no Juggernaut rule”***
Luckily I will soon be able to relive some of those memories, the non-violent ones hopefully.

Capcom is releasing Marvel vs Capcom: Origins on PSN September 25 and Xbox live Arcade on September 26. Origins will consist of 2 arcade classics, Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs Capacom: Clash of Super Heroes which will run you $14.99 on PSN or 1200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox. Both games will keep their orginal arcade look (if it ain’t broke, dont try to fix it) but adding some online goodness. So insted of breaking out into fisty cuffs, I can get into a shouting match over Live. (I’m looking at you Trendy)
Time to top up those Microsoft points.

**Juggernaut was an assisted character which was nearly impossible to block and could cause a player to be very “cheap” to win a match



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