Super Mario 3D Land Review

Resisting the temptation of being a early adopter of the 3ds system I recently purchased the 3ds XL. With the bigger screen and the bigger frame I had a tough choice to make; what game should I play first to utilize the 3d feature and get the best overall 3ds experience. With the 3ds being out for over a year I had lots to choose from but in the end just like every Nintendo system I go back to what I love, Mario! I would consider myself a self proclaimed Mario expert so here are my thoughts on the first mario game released for the 3ds.


As always the controls are smooth; the feel of the analog stick is very comfortable and responsive.
The new world is a little bit of a throw back, with 8 worlds with 5 levels and a final castle or ship at the end. The level design is where I had most of my major issues. Each world didn’t seem to have a specific theme such as ice, sand or sky rather all the worlds have a mix of each. Personally, I disliked that for a simple fact. When you look back at the game all of the worlds seem the same and there isn’t a unique feel to the world. I can honestly say after playing for 20+ hours of gameplay, I don’t have a favorite level and besides going back to get the star coins it doesn’t have much replay value. The only other major issue with the game is the use of the raccoon/tanooki suit, most of the levels in the game are sky levels where without the suit you find some levels too difficult (especially in the special world) and you fall to your death. But on the other hand if you have the suit most levels seem too easy. I guess what I’m saying is the game seems a bit unbalanced and rather than a progressive level difficulty it mostly relies on if you have the suit or not.


There is really nothing much more to say about the graphics than they look great. Most games now keep on getting better and better and its hard to think of a game that doesn’t look good. With Mario they have the same formula in all of their games: the use of bright beautiful colours and great character design.


I have to admit I’m not sold 100% on 3d. With respect to the 3ds it hasn’t changed my feeling toward it. Super Mario 3d land has some 3d puzzles and levels where it makes it easier to see where you’re jumping but other than that I could go without 3d and play the entire game as I mostly did without it. The 3d works but it doesn’t impress me.


As with all Mario games I enjoyed playing it but its not my favorite mario game…. Actually its not even in my top 10. This game was trying too much to have a nostalgic feel but by doing all the wrong things and not sticking to the core of the series which is the unique worlds and the memorable gameplay. While I still had fun with the game I left a little disappointed and it seems to be a lazy addition to the series.

Overall I give super mario 3d land 6.5 flagpoles out of 10.


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