Wii U Wrap Up


Nintendo’s Wii U presentation is all wrapped up and boy do we have a BUNCH of info today. Today Nintendo had 3 presentations one for Japan, one for Europe and one for North America. Today we will focus on the news that came from the North American briefing.

Keeping with Nintendo’s record of releasing consoles on a Sunday, the Wii U will be available in North America on November 18th. The console will be released with 2 bundle options. A Basic model and a Deluxe model

The $299 Basic Model includes:
– Wii U console (white)
– Wii U GamePad
– 8GB of onboard memory
– HDMI cable

The $349.99 Deluxe Model includes:
– Wii U console (black)
– Wii U GamePad
– 32GB of onboard memory
– HDMI Cable
– Console stand
– GamePad charging cradle
– Membership to Deluxe Digital Promotions (which provides discounts on games purchased on the Nintendo Network)
– Nintendo Land

One of the things that impressed me was the fact that Nintendo actually included an HDMI cable with the console. I hope some of the other console makers take notice for their next gen consoles.

Nintendo announced that there will be 50 launch titles during the launch window of 4 months, and that New Super Mario Bros. U will be available at launch.

Also revealed was a new service from Nintendo called TVii. This works as a hub that gives you access to live TV, Netflix, Hulu, Tivo, Amazon Prime and your DVR right to your Wii U. The experience will be customizable by user, showing your Mii avatar and listing your favorites and sorting which are available on streaming video and when the next live showing will be. It integrates IMDB and Wikipedia into movie listings, and lets the user watch movie trailers on the Wii U GamePad while something else is on the TV,
sports scores will also be shown on the GamePad. Nintendo has been working with all major North American cable and satellite companies on this one to ensure compatibility. I am very interested in how this will all work and I can not wait to try it out.

All in all a lot of interesting news and we will have follow up posts in the coming days on specific features. Sound off in the comments and let me know who is jumping on the Wii U wagon.



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