Can Mario bring back the “New”?


There has been a problem that has plagued the New Super Mario Bros. franchise as of late. The inability to provide new experiences while building upon what made Mario great in the first place.

I feel that part of the problem stemmed from the rise of mobile games. Nintendo saw this as the new generations way of playing games. A quick, easy, pick up and play format with bite size levels, which is totally fine at mobile app prices of $0.99. In that instance I expect to get something where if I have a free moment I fire up my phone for a cheap thrill. When I am paying console prices I expect console quality experiences.

With the NSMB we got an awesome game that brought us back to the roots of Super Mario. NSMB Wii, introduced us to a hectic/fun co-op with up to 4 players, bumping into each other and causing all types of mayhem. By the time NSMB2 came out for the 3DS the whole thing just felt played out. Although the addition of extra game modes felt like a step in the right direction but it was still not enough to appeal to both casual gamers and the core audience that has been supporting team Mario for almost 3 decades now.

After the delightfully refreshing return to Mario’s 2D side scrolling roots in the original NSMB, each entry after felt as if all Nintendo wanted to do was play it safe while still selling boat loads of copies and making tons of money.

The 4th reiteration in the “New” series is upon us with the launch of of the Wii U. Will we be getting more of the same unfulfilling game play, or will there actually be something new about the New Super Mario Bros. U? Here with in lays the challenge. Can Nintendo still make a fresh Super Mario game after all these years? Stay tuned to The Midnite Edition we’ll have our review up soon.


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