Samsung: Ready for Take Off

Over the last couple of years Samsung has been positioning itself for a massive explosion in the tech space. The product portfolio that the company has built with it’s Galaxy brand is a force to be reckoned with. A large collection of models from low-end (see: Samsung Galaxy Ace) to high-end (see: Samsung Galaxy S 3) smartphones, tablets and even creating a brand new category with the Galaxy Note, marketed as a Phablet. It doesn’t stop at mobile either. Smart TVs’ are becoming increasingly popular. You can’t buy a new TV these days without getting something that’s connected and loaded with apps. Undeniably Samsung is a clear leader in this space as well. With The Consumer Elections Show (CES) only a week away, Samsung has even released a little teaser about their new TV’s that will be unveiled. Don’t be surprised if the Galaxy name branches out to the companies connected TV’s as well. The ability to use Galaxy devices to control Samsung TV’s is already there, so it would make sense to consolidate that brand as a whole.

Another thing that Samsung is doing is working on their instant messaging system, ChatOn. The most recent release of ChatOn is available cross-platform on mobile and has a desktop version as well. Allowing you to sync up to 5 devices with one ChatOn account. Samsung also added a social networking aspect, allowing users to comment on their friends photos. This strategy positions them head to head with the likes of WhatsApp and even Facebook to some degree.

With CES right around the corner rumors are flying about the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Said to be released in April and have a 5 inch HD display, and integrated S pen. (Made popular by the Galaxy Note) Other note worthy rumors for CES and Samsung is the inevitable Galaxy Note 3 and a bendable or unbreakable display.

With interest in Apple’s products at an all time low, Samsung will defiantly be a player to watch in 2013.



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