It’s time Nintendo, Bring Back Mario Paint!


Its be over 21 years since Mario Paint graced the SNES. Its was unique, quirky and something totally new. The ability to create art and music on a console at that time was basically unheard of. Add a splash of Mario charm to the mix and a surprising additive mini game (involving flies and a fly swatter) made this game # 22 in IGN’s top 100 SNES games.

Nintendo was trying something different with the way you interacted with Mario Paint, using a mouse instead of the traditional game controller. It was one example of how Nintendo tried to innovate the way we play games. Something that Nintendo is still trying to do today. Which brings me to my point. Isn’t it time we saw a new Mario Paint , perhaps Mario Paint U?

Its not hard to image how awesome Mario Paint on the Wii U could be. The Wii U gamepad would be an excellent input method for Mario Paint, and think of all the sharing possibilities having it connect with MiiVerse. People are already making and sharing amazing crazy art on the Wii U in MiiVerse and that just gives you one color to use. Add a way to share the music you create as well and the possibilities would be endless.

So what do you think? Mario Paint on the Wii U, awesome idea or what?? Sound off in the comments with some creative ideas that you’d think could work in a new Mario Paint game.


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