ImageToday I'm taking a look at Sonic Jump for the iOS and Android platforms. The game features SEGA's mascot, Sonic and has been out for a couple of months on the app stores. Does this app take the fundamentals of something we already enjoy and improve on it or does it feel boring and repetitive?  

You know this game already. It called Doodle Jump. It's a super simple, fun and addicting game where you need to reach the top of the level by tapping to jump from platform to platform and avoiding bad guys by tilting your device left or right. Sonic Jump takes that game play and dips it in Sega goodness, and guess what it works. 

Sonic jump has 2 modes, Story and Arcade. With arcade mode your basically seeing how high you can jump, measuring the height as you climb to the heavens, which again is basically Doodle Jump. Story mode take that a bit further giving you a little bit of narrative. Dr. Robotnik or EggMan (as he is other wise known as) is up to his old tricks again, capturing animals putting them in cages, releasing robots to wreak havoc on the land, yada yada yada. As simple as that all seems it does come together quite nicely. 

The animation and art look great and the level designs some what match what you would already come to expect from a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Ex. Green Hill Zone.
The controls are spot on and the game play is simple and easy. Even the occasional boss fight is included to keep the game from feeling stale too fast. Keeping in mind that as with most mobile games it is the same thing over and over again but at a price point of $0.99 CAD itunes and $1.99 on the Google Play store, you really can't go wrong with this little time waster. The fact that it's Sonic brings nostalgia and even more value to the purchase . If your debating picking this up I say make the jump. (see what I did there) Besides when was the last time a Sonic game was actually worth the price of admission. Those come few and far between.


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