ZombiU : Demo Review


ZombiU has been a Wii U launch title that I have been dying to try since its’ release. In this day and age money and time are both limited and far between so instead of barrelling out to the nearest game shop, I was being conservative and money cautious. I got a baby on the way and mad bills to pay (as Biggie would say) Luckily for me ZombiU graced the Nintendo E-shop as a demo just recently. So I fired up the GamePad and gave ZombiU a shot.

Even though this is just a demo and a small morsel of what ZombiU has to offer you can get a pretty good feeling of what this game is trying to accomplish. This IS a survival horror game. The lack of bullets should be a clear indication of that. In this game you fear for your life, and there is some pretty hair raising moments as well. Playing this game it gave me the same feeling I had some years ago playing Resident Evil 2. You really were trying to survive. 

I really like that the Backpack (inventory system) is accessed by looking down at the GamePad. On the TV it shows your character digging threw the backpack for supplies, leaving your character vulnerable to a surprise zombie attack. It gives you a panicking feeling where you just want to hurry up equip what you need and get going. 

Another great feature with the GamePad is that you use it as a scanner to check the room for items or other things that would other wise be missed. At one point you get attacked by a zombie that has a weird energy to it that knocks out your GamePad giving it that static TV screen look from back in the day. You become dependent on the GamePad as the scanner and level map, and ZombiU knows this. So when you don’t have the ability to look down and see useful information it really does feel like a disadvantage. Which only adds to the suspense.

Based on the demo I feel Ubisoft created something fairly unique in ZombiU it feels refreshing and because of that I’m putting this game on THE MIDNITE EDITIONS MUST BUY LIST!  

-Mr. Midnite-


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