Mario Kart Competition : Enter Now!!!


Today during my morning web surfing, I came across an article about a Super Mario Kart competition (Yes that’s a thing) Apparently this competition happens annually and has been going on for a few years now. I KNOW, I cant believe this is the first I’m hearing of this either. Contestants compete for the best times to win. It got me thinking about starting our own little competition, but with a twist and on a global level. So without further ado I am pleased to announce THE MIDNITE EDITIONS’ FIRST ANNUAL ONLINE MARIO KART COMPETITION or T.M.E.F.A.O.M.K.C for short…. (The name is a work in
progress) 😀

The Rules:

You can use any Mario Kart game in the series on any Nintendo System for your entry.

Entires Must include :
– Mario Kart Game Name and System Used
– Track Name
– TIME it took to complete track and laps
– Video recording of you playing the track *Optional but Encouraged

Videos don’t need to be anything fancy. Using a smartphone, tablet or anything that can  take video to record is fine. Your not getting judged on your production skills.

Video Entries will be uploaded to The Midnite Edition YOUTUBE page.
*Only One entry per contestant*
Send entries via email to

Example of Entry:
Super Mario Kart/SNES
Rainbow Road
Track time – 3.48 sec
Lap 1 1.00, Lap 2 1.00, Lap 3 0.48

How to win: Well this is the tricky part. Since this is online, and you can use any Mario Kart game, and the fact that users can submit a time without a video ***EVEN THOUGH A VIDEO IS VERY MUCH ENCOURAGED** it is going to be difficult, but you can let The Midnite Edition Editor in Chief/Ninja worry about that.

The Prize: Bragging Rights, beside who doesn’t like bragging to strangers on the internet about how good they are at something + a small prize and or swag will be sent out by me once the winner or winners (haven’t decided yet) are announced.

This Competition open to all ages and all countries.

**When making video entries please remember that this is an all ages
competition a little trash talking is OK but let’s keep it PG up in here. **

Alright folks getting Karting contest ends May 5, 2013 and may the best player win!!
If you have any questions let me know in the comments or email me at

-The Midnite Ninja-


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