Nintendo: Down But Not Out


There is a lot of talk as of late that Nintendo and its’ Wii U is down and out. Well its no secret that right now Nintendo may be down but they are far from out. To help me explain my point, I will start by telling you my experience with the Wii U.

I purchased my Wii U as soon as I could. I had to wait a week after its release because I was out of the country. I was so excited and pumped for the new console. A new way to play and a new experience with all the comfort and familiarity of Nintendo. I was so stoked. I brought the console home and unboxed it gently but with shaky excitement. (I was going to make a comparison here to something but I will let your imagination do that for me) Anyways, I powered on the console and my eyes were wide trying to soak in every menu, every screen and detail. I played Nintendo Land and was amazed and thought the next-gen was here and Nintendo is leading the way. Nintendo Land didn’t feel cheap. It didn’t feel like those last year bargain bin Wii party games. (thank god)

After I had my fill of Nintendo Land (and that damn annoying robot) I popped in New Super Mario Bros. U and boy did it knock my socks off. Mario’s first HD adventure and the world looked so beautiful. I stared at the screen just for a moment in awe. The worlds looked bright in the game and to me Nintendos’ future seemed just as bright. The gameplay and feel was fantastic, truly a sequel to Super Mario World. I played ZombiU and enjoyed that too despite what many critics where saying, but then something happened. Actually nothing happened. Nothing happened for a long long time. There was no real games that interested me enough to turn on the console, actually there still isn’t. My Wii U was getting dusty, I played my SNES more than my Wii U. I was disappointed that this fantastic machine has nothing to play but I have hope and here’s why.

Nintendo is no where near dead. People say they are failing to innovate and that their fate is sealed. But let’s take a minute and think rationally. Think of the line up that the big N could release at anytime. Mario Kart, Zelda (a remake and a brand new adventure) another Mario game this time with a 3D open world, Pikim 3, Yoshi’s Yarn and a new Smash Bros. Now listen to this sentence very carefully. THESE ARE JUST THE GAMES WE KNOW ABOUT. Nintendo is GREAT at keeping their stuff secret. Remember when they announced the HD remake of Wind Waker, like where the hell did that come from. Nintendo has all these games and more in their back pocket. For all we know there could be a new Metroid, Starfox, Donkey Kong. The list could go on and on. People WILL buy a console just for these games. Hell I bought a Wii U just on the fact that there was a new Super Mario Bros. game. Nintendo has great franchises and lovable characters which bring back fond memories of childhood.

Does this article make me a fanboi that turns a blind eye at the state the console is in right now? No, I don’t think so. I understand the challenges, and trust me I am disappointed in the dry spell of games right now too, but I also know that this fight isn’t over yet. Its’ barley just started. So people before you start saying the Wii U is a failure, think for a second. Isn’t Nintendo the reason why us most of us started gaming in the first place?  

-The Midnite Ninja


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