The BlackBerry PlayBook and BB10


BlackBerry Live came and went without any word of the BB10 upgrade for the PlayBook. When the question of the update came up, BlackBerry side stepped the question on numerous occasions. So what does that mean for BlackBerry and the PlayBook faithful?

I personally think that the BB10 is ready for the PlayBook now, but it might be less than a steller product. Which could be the reason why BlackBerry might be hesitant to release the update at this point as it may take some of the wind out of the BB10 sails and give tech reviewers/sites more ammo for negative things to say about the new OS. BlackBerry doesnt need that right now. They are finally building a bit of positive momentum. So how does BlackBerry solve this problem of not ruining the rep of BB10 but still keeping its most loyal customers happy? Two words, beta zone. BlackBerry is no stranger to beta releases on the PlayBook so why should BB10 be any different. Give the fans and loyalists what they want and make sure to reinforce that this is no where near a final product. That way bugs will be forgiven and BlackBerry doesn’t lose face with its fans. That’s option 1. Option 2 could actually be something they are working towards.

Remember Heins view of mobile computing? 1 device as the brain and the a larger display. Now this was a while ago, but do you remember a demo shown awhile ago, I think it was by TAT. They had 4 PlayBooks at a table and they all linked up to show the same thing. M2M. Picture an updated bridge app for the Z10 with M2M built in. That would allow for the first step to true mobile computing. The true linking of device and display. And what better place to first demo this than with BlackBerry’s own hardware that is already BB10 compatible.

As a PlayBook owner I would love to see it get continued support. I hope we see BB10 on the PlayBook soon. What are your thoughts on BB10 for the PlayBook? Sound off in the cocomments.


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