Is Nintendo Missing Out on An Easy Win?


Nintendo has a lot of good things going for them. They are company that is globally known. They are the reason most of us are gamers in the first place, and they have the most beloved franchises of any company, gaming or non-gaming. But one of the biggest advantages that Nintendo has right now is a handheld and home console that follows pretty much the same design philosophy. Two screens and engaging gameplay. The only thing is that Nintendo (as of now) is not taking advantage of this. Right now the 3DS is chugging away like a freight train at full speed. Hit after hit. Game after game. Then there is Wii U. It feels like it hasn’t even left the station yet. It got me to thinking what could Nintendo be doing to satisfy Wii U owners while we wait for the plethora of games we know are coming. (ex. Zelda, Mario Kart, 3D Mario ect.) Give us small downloadable games, like we have on the 3DS.

The other day I picked up my 3DS to download Mario and Donkey : Minis on the Move. The game itself (which I wont get to much into right now, a review is coming) was entertaining but about 30 minutes in I thought to myself “why can’t I play this on my Wii U?” You tap the bottom screen of the 3DS to set your tiles and watch the action unfold on the top screen. The Wii U gamepad and TV combo would work perfectly for that. Actually in that aspect the gameplay is very similar to Yoshi’s Fruit Cart on Nintendo Land. What better way to beef up the Wii U eshop then to have some other awesome titles from the 3DS or even DS. Like Advanced Wars on the Wii U who wouldn’t want that. Also going forward Nintendo could have a develop once and distribute twice strategy. Maybe even a buy on one system and get it for free on the other. 

We can assume that since Nintendo has joined their handheld and console teams into one office there will be some cross console plans. Hopefully they have something to show us soon. So what do you guys think? Would you like to play games like Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on The Move, on your Wii U’s?? Sound off in the comments.  

-Midnite Ninja-


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