Big Things Coming This Week!


Well good reader there is another week full of exciting things ahead. Here is a look of what we will be covering in the next week. Hold on to your hats!

Sunday June 9th
Kicking things off is the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. I am super excited about this game and I cant wait to kiss reality good bye as I embark on my journey to my new town, and rise up through the ranks to become Mayor!

Monday June 10th

Apple is hoping to show the world that they still have a whole ton of innovation left in them. Starting at 10:00AM PT on Monday WWDC will kick off with a keynote. What we are hoping to see a look at the future of iOS with OS 7 which is rumored to have a flatter and cleaner UI. We will probably get a glimpse of the new iPhone. Other things on tap could be updates to Apples’ desktop software OS X, and the long rumored iRadio streaming service. All in all should be a good way to get rid of the case of the Mondays, am I right?

Tuesday June 11

Nintendo has their Nintendo Direct webcast which will showcase all the Wii U games that we are waiting for, I’m talking the next Mario Kart, a new 3D Mario game as well as a new Legend of Zelda title. And hopefully a few more surprises.

Tuesday June 11 – Thursday June 13th

E3 will be in full effect in Los Angeles there is going to be tons of new and previews coming out of this event. Microsoft and Sony will definitely be showing off their new consoles as well as some exclusive titles. Lots to see 😀

All in all there will be tons of content coming to the blog in next week. So keep it locked. Is there anything specific that you are excited about? Sound off in the comments


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