Thinking Out Loud: A New 3D Mario Game


E3 is just a few days away and im excited as a kid on Christmas. This E3 will be packed full of announcements and previews and I can hardly wait! One of the games I’m most excited for is the new 3D environment Mario game from Nintendo.


With the onslaught of side scrolling Mario games as of late (ei: New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Mario Bros. 2) it will be a refreshing return for the series. The truth is that besides the fact that we know this game exists we really don’t know anything about it at all. Mario’s last romp in a 3D environment was Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both games getting critical acclaim and scoring 97 out of 100 each on MetaCritic.


The question is where does Mario go from here? Will we see Super Mario Galaxy 3? Maybe Super Mario Sunshine 2? Or maybe a brand new title ….Super Mario Universe anyone? I hope for a brand new title, but anything will do if it has fun gameplay, beautiful robust worlds and gameplay mechanics unique to the Wii U and that crazy GamePad of theirs. Perhaps we see Mario share the spotlight a bit more with his Bro. Luigi? It is the year of Luigi after all.

All these questions and more will hopefully be answered after the hour long Nintendo Direct webcast on Tuesday @ 7:00AM PT. Keep it locked to The Midnite Edition for all the coverage. So what would you like to see from a New 3D Mario adventure? Sound off in the comments!



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