Free Game of The Week: Shuriken Ninja War


Well its that time again, free game of the week time that is. I happened to find this weeks free game while chilling at home, sitting on my couch, just browsing my BlackBerry Z10. The best apps are always the ones you find by accident. It feels like you’ve discovered a buried treasure, and lets face it YOU HAVE. Today that buried treasure is Shuriken Ninja War. It’s developed by Webgota.


In this first person ninja star throwing adventure you take the role of the protagonist trying to stop the evil ninjas and ninja boss from destroying different villages. (there is very little narrative) This game could best be described as a tapper. Once you start a level your presented with a beautiful back drop of a village with about 5 different buildings scattered around the screen. Then all of a sudden those pesky ninja appear and it your job to tap them all as fast as you can and send throwing stars flying their way. The best part is that when you hit the ninjas they explode for some reason, perhaps they are robot ninjas who knows. If you don’t tend to the ninjas fast enough though they will start destroying the buildings and you will see flames in the windows to know that the town is being damaged. Also you have to watch out for the ninja boss, you’ll know its him because he pops up right in your face and if you don’t tap him immediately he will come and slash the screen.  There are four progress bars on the top of the screen, two on the right and two on the left. The two on the right let you know how many ninjas you have to defeat and how many more times you have to hit the ninja boss. One of the bars on the left show your towns health, when that bar done it’s game over. The other bar is for your special attack. You can fill this bar quickly by accurately tapping the ninjas (ninja robots?) Once this bar is full you will see a “hit special” button, tap that and it will kill all the ninjas on the screen in once shot. Take that you rascally ninjas!


The only weapons at your disposal is your throwing stars and your special attack. Now there are 2 other types of throwing stars and 2 other types of special attack. If you try to select them it will take you back into BlackBerry World and ask you to download the paid version, setting you back $1.99. Now I know what your thinking “you said this is the free game of the week” well it still is because the experience isn’t hindered if you stay on the free version. And you don’t feel pressured to purchase which is something that happens in other games. There are a couple of things about the game that does bother me a bit. It can become very repetitive, really quick. And sometimes its a little hard to see the ninjas when they pop up on the screen, but after all they are ninjas its their job to remain unseen.

All in all I feel like this game is prefect for those quick pick up play moments, like when you waiting to meet up with someone, or have 5 mins left on your break at work. Games like Shuriken Ninja War are perfect for these times. So good a head and check it out and let me know what your thoughts are on the game in the comments.


Download Shuriken Ninja War


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