Ubisoft: Nothing But Franchises

In a recent interview with The A List Daily Ubisofts Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tony Key was asked if Watch Dogs will see a sequel. “Absolutely. That’s what all our games are about; we won’t even start if we don’t think we can build a franchise out of it.” Tony replied. He also mentioned that the cost of development is too high to make anything other than a blockbuster. So what does this mean for us, the end users, the gamers?

Well you can bet that there will be another Assassins Creed and Far Cry and now I guess Watch Dogs too. But is that what we want?  Sure Ubisoft has some amazing properties but recreating those same experiences over and over again leads to less innovation and frankly to me feels like a money grab. Some people may argue that Assassins Creed already has become a little long in the tooth. And do you really want another Raving Rabbits game? 

The point is regurgitating franchises over and over again leads to the same experiences over and over again as well. Games like The Last of Us wouldn’t get made and couldn’t get made with this mind set. How can we ever get rich new experiences that push the boundaries if we have to play the same game time and time again. In my mind its nothing more than a money grab, if you build it they will pay. I guess what could you except coming from the mouth of the sales and marketing guy.

What are your thoughts on matter? Are you satisfied with getting a new Assassins on a yearly basis? Sound off in the comments?  

Souce: http://www.thealistdaily.com/news/tony-key-interview-part-1-now-were-in-blockbuster-world/


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