Titanfall: Where’s the Single Player?


Titanfall is undoubtedly one of most anticipated games of the next-gen. When I saw the demo during E3, I immediately wanted to jump into a mech and start messin’ stuff up. Fast forward a few days and it was unveiled that the game wouldn’t feature a single player campaign. I have to say that disappoints me. I might be the minority here but I enjoy single player modes in my games even in first-person shooters. The reason that the studio decided to omit the single player is that they felt it would split their team in 2 and end up with two different feeling experiences. A valid point indeed as there has been quite a few games that feel like another mode has just been tacked on because everyone else is doing it. A good example of that is Far Cry 3. The single player is amazing but the mulitplayer felt rushed and included just because and had players flooding message boards with complaints.
So in that aspect I can understand the decision. I just hope there is some narrative and enough content in the multiplayer to justify a 60 dollar price tag. What are your thoughts? Anyone else a little disappointed by this, or are these types of games best suited for mulitplayer only? Sound off in the comments



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