Next-Gen Thoughts, So Far


After a long hiatus from well, life getting in the way the Midnite Edition is back and firing on all pistons. I will be trying my darnest to upload posts on the regular. That being said I wanted to share some thoughts so far on the Xbox One and PS4.
The Xbox One and PS4 have been out for a few months now and I’m starting to see some common trends in the way I use both consoles. I play way more games on my PS4 and consume way more media on my Xbox One. Even though both consoles haven’t had much to play in terms of AAA titles, I can really feel the indie support with the PS4. There are plenty of indie gems that fill the PlayStation store during these times of slow AAA releases. About half of them are even free with a PS+ membership. This is something I just don’t see with the Xbox One.
Also the value proposition is very strong in the PlayStation ecosystem. The lower price of the console, the free games with PS+, remote play with the vita and the eventual PlayStation Now service are all big wins for Sony. It really shows a sense of strategy and a good idea of where the industry might be headed. In a time when studios are laying off dozens of employees at a time, it’s really smart and vital that PlayStation supports indie devolvement. Octodad anyone? I personally can’t wait for that game.
But the battle is really only just starting. Titianfall (an Xbox One exclusive) will be launching on March 11 th and from what I have seen from the beta a few weeks ago this game will be a system seller. All in all it’s an exciting time to be a gamer. Especially if you have both systems, like me. Leave some comments what are your thoughts with next gen so far?


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