Retro Fun: Ice Hockey


Every moment of everyday we are surrounded by amazing technology. From phones and tablets to smartwatches and game consoles with realistic graphics tech is all around us and is a good part of our daily lives.  But it’s only when we take a step back can we really fully enjoy the simple things. I was reminded of this last week while gaming at a friends house. Usually we would play some recent game that one of us just picked up, but this time was different the game we were playing was the 1988 NES classic Ice Hockey.

Sure the graphics didn’t come close to anything readily available today. And sure the controls felt limited (only A and B buttons) and bit clunky. But that all added to the excitement and fun. Sitting there playing 1 on 1, not online but in the same room right beside someone, locked in an intense battle. There was even moments I jumped off the couch screaming from a goal either made by me or a goal I carelessly let in after a few minutes of back and forth. It has been awhile since I felt that kind of energy from playing a game. I miss having those kinds of moments as they grow fewer and further between. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy current games as well and there are plenty of great titles out there now. But this was a different feeling. It actually almost shocked me how much fun I was having with such a basic game. 

I guess my thought process behind this post is to remind myself not to get caught up in grinding in games or achievement and trophy hunting to the point of frustration.  Games to me are about entertainment and enjoyment mostly. And if I have to jump back to retro games (which I do often) with a buddy beside me on a couch to get that enjoyment back, so be it.

Leave a comment on your thoughts on the subject. Do you engage in retro gaming and couch co-op from time to time, or is it all about the latest and greatest graphics?



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