What Gaming Taught Me : Super Mario Edition


As with anything in life you learn as you go, right? And most of us have been gaming our whole lifes so we MUST have picked a few key life lessons along the way don’t you think? That’s why it gives me great pleasure to introduce our newest feature here at The Midnite Edition. “What Gaming Has Taught Me” (please hold your applause)

This weeks entry is based on the Super Mario Franchise.  Grab a soda sit back and read……..

What Super Mario Taught Me!


Sometimes it’s best to take the road less traveled.
In every Mario game since Super Mario Bros on the NES there has been levels with multiple secrets and exits. To find them you have to look around, maybe stray from the beaten path. Some people are fine just going on the laid out path, but some need more. And in Mario as in life those can reap healthy rewards.


Keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Straight out of the ancient text The Art
of War, Mario is a man who knows it’s good to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Why else would he invite Bowser (the guy who has been kidnapping his girlfriend for more than two decades) to friendly sporting events, parties and even go karting? Mario is definitely wiser than he lets on.


It’s OK to ask for help from your friends.
From Super Mario Bros. 2 USA or to the more recent Super Mario 3D World everyone’s favorite plumber has never shied away from asking his friends for a little help. Whether it be Peach, Luigi, Toad or even Yoshi. In the mushroom kingdom as with life you can’t save the world by yourself.


When trying to accomplish a daunting task, break it up into many smaller achievable goals!
In Super Mario Bros. on the NES our hero was set with a pretty hugh task. Defeat a giant monster after travelling a strange land to save the princess. Now I don’t know about you but that sounds mighty difficult and a man without a plan might have failed. So it only makes sense that Mario must have set his sights on much more achievable goals. Like a flagpole maybe. I can hear his thoughts now ” Just gotta make it to that flagpole” “One flagpole at a time big guy” “You can do it”!

And there you have it. The first of many “What Gaming Has Taught Me” Chime in on the comments and let me know what Mario has taught you about life!



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