What Gaming Taught Me : Metal Gear Edition


Well well, what do we have here? Another fantastic entry in our weekly feature What Gaming Taught Me! 

Kick back, relax, grab a Mountain Dew or whatever the kids are drinking these days and have a read of……

What Metal Gear Taught Me!


You can’t run from your problems.
In the original Metal Gear there might have been times when you felt overwhelmed by the enemies on the screen. So much so that you might think after taking out one or two of them that the best plan is to flee before you get killed. Running to the next screen might seem like a good idea but if you ever have to return to that previous screen you’ll see those same enemies waiting for you. And worst of all the ones you killed, umm yah they’re back now too. This taught me at an early age that it’s best to deal with your problems then and there.


Think outside the box….
Or in this case inside the box. Metal gear shows that sometimes you need to find a way that MIGHT be a little different than the norm to solve a problem. What’s the best way to sneak around an enemy compound? Well a box of course. To solve a problem like that indeed shows some out of the box thinking.


Nothing lasts forever 😦
David Hayter is a name most Metal Gear fans know very well. He’s been the voice behind Snake for over a decade. It wasn’t until the latest game in the franchise (Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes) that he was replaced, by Kiefer Sutherland no less. Most of us couldn’t image Snake without Hayter and I’m still not happy about it, but I guess nothing can last forever.


Dress to impress.
Metal Gear Solid on the OG PlayStation had TONS of unlockables. One of my personal favorites is the tuxedo suit. After beating the game twice, on the third playthough Snake would take off his swimming gear in the famous elevator cut scene and reveal that he was wearing a tuxedo! At that moment I thought to myself if Snake can suit up for a dangerous life-threatening mission, surely I could dress to impress in my daily life as well. Thanks for the fashion tip Snake. SUIT UP! 

And there you have folks. Has there been any lessons that Snake and company have taught you??



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