PlayStation Experience 2015 Keynotes: Thoughts on VR

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Today was the start of PlayStation Experience. A 2 day event taking place in San Francisco to showcase some of PlayStation’s best, brightest and upcoming games. The most exciting part for me though was getting to hear more about PlayStation VR. What we knew about PlayStation VR coming into the event was the specs, release window (Q1 2016) and that fact that this device COULD cost alot, (think console price) these things were discussed earlier this year at E3, where PlayStation also showed off some pretty cool looking games. I expected to see more of those today, I didn’t.  What I was hoping for during this mornings keynote was a solid release date and a compelling reason to purchase this device day one. What I got was a a feeling of uncertainty for PlayStation VR.


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The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

During the VR portion of the keynote I was hoping to hear about that “must have app”  the game that will sell this probably expensive device, I didn’t really see that. What I did see was The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. and Job Simulator which both look like fun bite sized distractions but nothing that I could sink my teeth into and get lost in. Eagle Flight by Ubisoft a dizzying look at how it must feel to fly like an eagle. 100 ft Robot Golf, which looks like 100 ft robot golf…and seems fun enough but all of these are arcade type of games.

What was absent were experiences that have high fidelity visuals and a vast world begging to be explored. Even though I’m sure some of those games are in development and like mentioned above we have seen bits of during E3 this year but the fact that they weren’t shown or even talked about during this keynote was a bit discouraging. Sony is running out of time to explain to us why VR is important. But luckily it does seem as though PlayStation is all in and betting big on VR . Making the lack of the “must have app” even more maddening.


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It wasn’t all bad though. Some positives from the VR portion of the Keynote were things a quick trailer for Golem from Hirewire Games, Ace Combat 7 and REZ Infinite. They look great. And really the promise is there with VR you can see the glimmering of hope.



Don’t get me wrong no one is more excited then me for VR and especially PlayStation VR. Will I buy one day? Yes. Will I have fun with it? Most definitely, but for PlayStation VR to become mainstream and not just another PlayStation Move, it needs to appeal to more than just the tech junkies and gamers that need to have something day one. (I fall into both of those categories) There is still time during #PSX2015 to show us something and since we don’t have a solid release date it’s not all doom and gloom for PlayStation VR, and its not like I didn’t want to play the games I saw. I just expected a little more since the had the stage and a lot of people watching. Let me know your thoughts on the VR portion of the keynotes in the comments.


Image Credit: PlayStation Blog


Project Morpheus: The PS4 VA Headset


After much speculation Sony has FINALLY announced the much rumored VR headset for PlayStation. The prototype with the code name Project Morpheus, gives us a look as what could possibly be the future of PlayStation.

PlayStation Head, Shuhei Yoshida said that (virtual reality) “may well shape the future of games” he also stated that the company will be looking at the headset as a medium and not just a peripheral. Project Morpheus will be making its way into devs hands shortly, with a few partners already said to be on board.  
Dr. Richard Marks of PlayStation research and developed mentioned that Sony is thinking outside of gaming as well. Stating that he has been working with NASA to create a “virtual walk on Mars”
No official specs or price has been announced.

With the Oculus Rift, PlayStations’ Project Morpheus and Microsoft rumored VR headset it looks like gaming could get even more interesting later this year.
Source : IGN

Big Things Coming This Week!


Well good reader there is another week full of exciting things ahead. Here is a look of what we will be covering in the next week. Hold on to your hats!

Sunday June 9th
Kicking things off is the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. I am super excited about this game and I cant wait to kiss reality good bye as I embark on my journey to my new town, and rise up through the ranks to become Mayor!

Monday June 10th

Apple is hoping to show the world that they still have a whole ton of innovation left in them. Starting at 10:00AM PT on Monday WWDC will kick off with a keynote. What we are hoping to see a look at the future of iOS with OS 7 which is rumored to have a flatter and cleaner UI. We will probably get a glimpse of the new iPhone. Other things on tap could be updates to Apples’ desktop software OS X, and the long rumored iRadio streaming service. All in all should be a good way to get rid of the case of the Mondays, am I right?

Tuesday June 11

Nintendo has their Nintendo Direct webcast which will showcase all the Wii U games that we are waiting for, I’m talking the next Mario Kart, a new 3D Mario game as well as a new Legend of Zelda title. And hopefully a few more surprises.

Tuesday June 11 – Thursday June 13th

E3 will be in full effect in Los Angeles there is going to be tons of new and previews coming out of this event. Microsoft and Sony will definitely be showing off their new consoles as well as some exclusive titles. Lots to see 😀

All in all there will be tons of content coming to the blog in next week. So keep it locked. Is there anything specific that you are excited about? Sound off in the comments

The XBOX ONE and The Bigger Picture


First off I want to say that I think the general public and media are grossly underestimating Microsoft, and as a gamer I can understand why. I get it. We want games. We want experiences that engulf us into another world, into another body. Leaving our dull 9 to 5’s behind and going out to save the world. Believe me I understand. But I think we need to understand that when Microsoft first stepped into the console ring they lost money on their console. A lot of money. For a couple of years too. That persistence paid off big time. They became the King of the blockbuster game. The ruler of the first person shooter, and in recent years the place where you get all your media. So it should have been no surprise to anyone that the XBOX ONE would have a media focus.  If your TV is on Microsoft wants you to be using your XBOX ONE, not just for games but for apps, streaming content and live TV. Does that mean that it wont be an awesome gaming experience? Of course not.

Listen whether gamers (like myself) like it or not the game industry is in a weird place. Mobile gaming is becoming more popular then any of us could have ever imaged. Apple had a large part in this shift in the industry, and Apple doesn’t even make gaming devices. They make devices that do everything, and that’s what people have begun to expect. Most people don’t want to spend 500 + dollars on something that only does one thing, that doesn’t cut it anymore. So if Microsoft just made an XBOX that just does games they would be alienating potential customers.

Recently I got a new laptop, mostly for blogging, a little media consumption and some light gaming via Steam. The one big difference this laptop had over my older one was that it had Windows 8 pre-installed. The first few hours trying to figure this new Windows out was a little rough, but once I got the hang of it I really had the feeling that this, combined with my XBOX 360 and other Microsoft services felt like a complete package. I could really get the sense of where Microsoft was heading. The are going after Apple. That said the XBOX ONE is still a gaming machine but with so much more included. Shouldn’t we be happy that we have more options and more choice and increasing fuller solutions from they companies?

Just remember E3 is still 12 days way. This is where we will see the games from MS, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft has gone on record saying there will be 15 exclusives coming for the XBOX ONE. Publishers will be bringing out their big guns, this is E3 the place where the gaming industry goes to shine. I for one think we will see some big things from everyone, and then we can make a educated decision on what the future holds for gamers. So what are your thoughts? I know there are a lot of options out there. Share yours in the comments.

-Midnite Ninja-