Link’s Hijinks


Nintendo gives a comedic look in to the life of Link with its new webcomic Link’s Hijinks. You can find it here on the Play Nintendo website or below. The comic is base around Majoras Mask and was originally created for a Japanese manga magazine by Seitaro Komatsu. Hopefully we’ll see more soon!




DVR feature heading to Xbox One


In 2016 Xbox One owners will be able to use their console as a DVR. Xbox announced this feature during their briefing today at Gamescom.

-Users will be able to record shows in the background.
-stream recorded shows to any windows 10 device.
-schedule recordings remotely
– the feature is subscription free

Looks like a great value add for Xbox One users.

Now if only I had cable still.

Stay tuned for more from Gamescom


What Gaming Taught Me : Super Mario Edition


As with anything in life you learn as you go, right? And most of us have been gaming our whole lifes so we MUST have picked a few key life lessons along the way don’t you think? That’s why it gives me great pleasure to introduce our newest feature here at The Midnite Edition. “What Gaming Has Taught Me” (please hold your applause)

This weeks entry is based on the Super Mario Franchise.  Grab a soda sit back and read……..

What Super Mario Taught Me!

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Unannounced 3DS Title: What could it be? *Updated*


*Update: It’s a new IP called codename S.T.E.A.M

When Nintendo’s schedule for E3 was announced there was a 90 minute 3DS presentation on tap. During this presentation it was said that Nintendo will be showing off an unannounced title. Of course rumors started to swirl as to what game could possibility need 90 minutes of time to talk about.

Could this be the Majora’s Mask remake that has been teased over and over by Nintendo? Could this finally be a new Metroid game? Or is this something completely new all together? Either way that presentation is at 6 PT today. My thoughts are that it is a new Metroid.

Whatever it is I hope it’s a case where the game is announced and then Nintendo says “and it’s available now” and the room erupts with excitement. That is something that I has been noticeably absent throughout all of E3 this year. I feel that if anyone could pull that type of announcement off it is Nintendo. They must have 3DS devolvement down to a science by now. 

What game do you think it is? Taking all bets!

Mario at the Muesem: My ideas for a Mario 64 Sequel


Look, we all want a direct sequel to Mario 64, it would be glorious. There is no doubt about that. But what exactly would that look like? How about I “paint” you a picture of an idea I had.   (eh, see what I did there)
You start in the Mushroom Kingdom in the court yard to Princess Peach’s castle. But instead of going into the castle you explore around a bit and find another building around back. That building is The Royal Mushroom Kingdom Museum (name patent pending). Why a museum you ask? Well you know a world with such a “colorful” heritage such as the Mushroom Kingdom MUST have a museum to document many great moments in its history as well as to showcase the kingdoms many   creative (toads probably) minds.


 Mario walks into the museum and what do you find? Paintings/worlds a la 64. But there is a difference. Remember that Van Gogh-isq stage in NSMBU? Of course you do, it was the one area where you really feel the game getting creative and really thinking outside the box. Well what if some paintings in the museum were similar to famous works of art. Like that level in NSMBU or could you image a Picasso themed level or M.C.   Escher? That shizz would be cra…sorry. Not all levels would be rip offs of famous painting of course, there would be original ones and maybe even some that are levels from other Mario games. You could throw in a couple of 8bit inspired levels maybe even a modern interpretation of different levels in the Mario series. I know if I was a Toad artist and I heard/saw of a marvelous Italian plumber saving our kingdom from a giant monster that kidnapped our princess it would be something I would want to document it in my own works of art, but with my individual take on what I heard/saw. This could make the levels feel familiar but also different.
The levels themselves would probably play just like Mario 64 in the fact that you would look for X number of stars and would really focus on exploration and reliability. The bottom line is that a premise like this would really allow for creative level design, something that would be vital in keeping the formula fresh.

Oh and one more thing. Say you’re looking at the last painting or at least you think it’s the last painting. Mario jumps in and it starts with what you (the player) thinks is the final boss battle with Bowser. All of a sudden Bowser unzips his own skin and it’s really King Boo in a costume and traps Mario in the painting. All of a sudden the lights go out and the museum becomes haunted…..(see where I’m going with this) BAM Luigi steps up to take out all the ghosts (Luigi’s mansion style) and save his bro from the painting.
I hope my explanation makes sense. I am trying to write this frantically at work on the company dime. Let me know what you guys think? What would you add to this idea? Does this sound like something that would be a cool or am I totally out to lunch?

Retro Fun: Ice Hockey


Every moment of everyday we are surrounded by amazing technology. From phones and tablets to smartwatches and game consoles with realistic graphics tech is all around us and is a good part of our daily lives.  But it’s only when we take a step back can we really fully enjoy the simple things. I was reminded of this last week while gaming at a friends house. Usually we would play some recent game that one of us just picked up, but this time was different the game we were playing was the 1988 NES classic Ice Hockey.

Sure the graphics didn’t come close to anything readily available today. And sure the controls felt limited (only A and B buttons) and bit clunky. But that all added to the excitement and fun. Sitting there playing 1 on 1, not online but in the same room right beside someone, locked in an intense battle. There was even moments I jumped off the couch screaming from a goal either made by me or a goal I carelessly let in after a few minutes of back and forth. It has been awhile since I felt that kind of energy from playing a game. I miss having those kinds of moments as they grow fewer and further between. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy current games as well and there are plenty of great titles out there now. But this was a different feeling. It actually almost shocked me how much fun I was having with such a basic game. 

I guess my thought process behind this post is to remind myself not to get caught up in grinding in games or achievement and trophy hunting to the point of frustration.  Games to me are about entertainment and enjoyment mostly. And if I have to jump back to retro games (which I do often) with a buddy beside me on a couch to get that enjoyment back, so be it.

Leave a comment on your thoughts on the subject. Do you engage in retro gaming and couch co-op from time to time, or is it all about the latest and greatest graphics?


Next-Gen Thoughts, So Far


After a long hiatus from well, life getting in the way the Midnite Edition is back and firing on all pistons. I will be trying my darnest to upload posts on the regular. That being said I wanted to share some thoughts so far on the Xbox One and PS4.
The Xbox One and PS4 have been out for a few months now and I’m starting to see some common trends in the way I use both consoles. I play way more games on my PS4 and consume way more media on my Xbox One. Even though both consoles haven’t had much to play in terms of AAA titles, I can really feel the indie support with the PS4. There are plenty of indie gems that fill the PlayStation store during these times of slow AAA releases. About half of them are even free with a PS+ membership. This is something I just don’t see with the Xbox One.
Also the value proposition is very strong in the PlayStation ecosystem. The lower price of the console, the free games with PS+, remote play with the vita and the eventual PlayStation Now service are all big wins for Sony. It really shows a sense of strategy and a good idea of where the industry might be headed. In a time when studios are laying off dozens of employees at a time, it’s really smart and vital that PlayStation supports indie devolvement. Octodad anyone? I personally can’t wait for that game.
But the battle is really only just starting. Titianfall (an Xbox One exclusive) will be launching on March 11 th and from what I have seen from the beta a few weeks ago this game will be a system seller. All in all it’s an exciting time to be a gamer. Especially if you have both systems, like me. Leave some comments what are your thoughts with next gen so far?