DVR feature heading to Xbox One


In 2016 Xbox One owners will be able to use their console as a DVR. Xbox announced this feature during their briefing today at Gamescom.

-Users will be able to record shows in the background.
-stream recorded shows to any windows 10 device.
-schedule recordings remotely
– the feature is subscription free

Looks like a great value add for Xbox One users.

Now if only I had cable still.

Stay tuned for more from Gamescom



The Virtual Console: Where’s the Games


I’m going to start off right away by saying I love Nintendo. They are a great company and have the best franchises in the industry in my opinion. That being said I’m also their biggest critic. I want them to succeed and be the Nintendo that the fans deserve. So if I see a misstep in their strategy I’m the first to point it out. Ok now that we got that discloser out of the way here comes the rant 😉
Every week I eagerly await Thursday morning. When Thursday roles around I jump online first thing to see what Nintendo will allow me to download on my Wii U and 3DS. Mostly it’s the virtual console titles that I am interested in. Nintendo has a fantastic backlog of titles that can be released at any moment. So why is there so many weeks where I find nothing, I repeat nothing that I want to download. In my opinion this is unacceptable.  Let’s face it as much as I love the Wii U and the companies first party titles they are not coming out fast enough. So how do you keep customers happy during this time? Give them more of the classics that made them fans in the first place. This shouldn’t be this hard. We already have a fantastic library available on the Wii. I was hoping second time around we wont have to wait so long. It boggles my mind that the Virtual Console service is such a barren wasteland. There has been times where weeks in a row I have no interest in any games released. How does this happen you’re the company that created Mario?!   
The SNES had some of the best games and there are hardly any of them on the service. Don’t even get me started on N64 games. I want to play Mario 64 again. And on the gamepad.  That would be so awesome. I know Nintendo is said to be adding GameBoy Advanced games in April and I welcome those games. But shouldn’t they have all the games that are already on the VC for the Wii get released on the Wii U by now. Like seriously N64 GAMES PLEASE!

Alright I’m done being angry now I’m going to put my Wii U into Wii mode so I can play Mario 64.

Ubisoft: Nothing But Franchises

In a recent interview with The A List Daily Ubisofts Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tony Key was asked if Watch Dogs will see a sequel. “Absolutely. That’s what all our games are about; we won’t even start if we don’t think we can build a franchise out of it.” Tony replied. He also mentioned that the cost of development is too high to make anything other than a blockbuster. So what does this mean for us, the end users, the gamers?

Well you can bet that there will be another Assassins Creed and Far Cry and now I guess Watch Dogs too. But is that what we want?  Sure Ubisoft has some amazing properties but recreating those same experiences over and over again leads to less innovation and frankly to me feels like a money grab. Some people may argue that Assassins Creed already has become a little long in the tooth. And do you really want another Raving Rabbits game? 

The point is regurgitating franchises over and over again leads to the same experiences over and over again as well. Games like The Last of Us wouldn’t get made and couldn’t get made with this mind set. How can we ever get rich new experiences that push the boundaries if we have to play the same game time and time again. In my mind its nothing more than a money grab, if you build it they will pay. I guess what could you except coming from the mouth of the sales and marketing guy.

What are your thoughts on matter? Are you satisfied with getting a new Assassins on a yearly basis? Sound off in the comments?  


Final Fantasy VII now with more STEAM!

ImageHappy Days Everyone! Today on Steam you can go and download one of my personal favorite games, Final Fantasy VII. The game includes a few updates like cloud saves, achievements and some character upgrades. This game to me is the definition of Final Fantasy. It is the apex of the series and represents everything good about the Final Fantasy. It’s one of the very few original Playstation discs I still physically own. Even though I have the disc I don’t currently own anything that could play it, it’s kind of just a keepsake at this point. But now with the re-release on Steam it means I get the chance to enjoy this gem of a game all over again. All I know is that my wife and daughter may or may not be ignored this weekend. So anyone else have a soft spot in their hearts for this game? Or am I just crazy? Either way sound off in the comments.


Thinking Out Loud: A New 3D Mario Game


E3 is just a few days away and im excited as a kid on Christmas. This E3 will be packed full of announcements and previews and I can hardly wait! One of the games I’m most excited for is the new 3D environment Mario game from Nintendo.


With the onslaught of side scrolling Mario games as of late (ei: New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Mario Bros. 2) it will be a refreshing return for the series. The truth is that besides the fact that we know this game exists we really don’t know anything about it at all. Mario’s last romp in a 3D environment was Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both games getting critical acclaim and scoring 97 out of 100 each on MetaCritic.


The question is where does Mario go from here? Will we see Super Mario Galaxy 3? Maybe Super Mario Sunshine 2? Or maybe a brand new title ….Super Mario Universe anyone? I hope for a brand new title, but anything will do if it has fun gameplay, beautiful robust worlds and gameplay mechanics unique to the Wii U and that crazy GamePad of theirs. Perhaps we see Mario share the spotlight a bit more with his Bro. Luigi? It is the year of Luigi after all.

All these questions and more will hopefully be answered after the hour long Nintendo Direct webcast on Tuesday @ 7:00AM PT. Keep it locked to The Midnite Edition for all the coverage. So what would you like to see from a New 3D Mario adventure? Sound off in the comments!


Check this out: 2guysVS1game

Hey everyone,

The Midnite Edition EIC here just wanted to give a shout out to my pals over at 2guysVS1game. I’m loving what they are doing over there. Check out their YouTube channel Here With weekly game play and tons of commentary what’s not to love.

-The Midnite Ninja-

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New DuckTales Game Announced!


Children of the 90’s rejoice!
Capcom announced today at the PAX EAST gaming convention that they will be releasing a brand new Ducktales game. Of course the game will be inspired by the fantastic NES classic but with brand new graphics and spirits. The retro-ist in me couldn’t be happier by the news. The game has no official release date as of yet but will be released on the Wii U, XBLA, and PSN for around $15. Small price to pay for fond memories of childhood. Any one else excited by this news, fire off in the comments!

-The Midnite Ninja