The Virtual Console: Where’s the Games


I’m going to start off right away by saying I love Nintendo. They are a great company and have the best franchises in the industry in my opinion. That being said I’m also their biggest critic. I want them to succeed and be the Nintendo that the fans deserve. So if I see a misstep in their strategy I’m the first to point it out. Ok now that we got that discloser out of the way here comes the rant 😉
Every week I eagerly await Thursday morning. When Thursday roles around I jump online first thing to see what Nintendo will allow me to download on my Wii U and 3DS. Mostly it’s the virtual console titles that I am interested in. Nintendo has a fantastic backlog of titles that can be released at any moment. So why is there so many weeks where I find nothing, I repeat nothing that I want to download. In my opinion this is unacceptable.  Let’s face it as much as I love the Wii U and the companies first party titles they are not coming out fast enough. So how do you keep customers happy during this time? Give them more of the classics that made them fans in the first place. This shouldn’t be this hard. We already have a fantastic library available on the Wii. I was hoping second time around we wont have to wait so long. It boggles my mind that the Virtual Console service is such a barren wasteland. There has been times where weeks in a row I have no interest in any games released. How does this happen you’re the company that created Mario?!   
The SNES had some of the best games and there are hardly any of them on the service. Don’t even get me started on N64 games. I want to play Mario 64 again. And on the gamepad.  That would be so awesome. I know Nintendo is said to be adding GameBoy Advanced games in April and I welcome those games. But shouldn’t they have all the games that are already on the VC for the Wii get released on the Wii U by now. Like seriously N64 GAMES PLEASE!

Alright I’m done being angry now I’m going to put my Wii U into Wii mode so I can play Mario 64.


Why I’m Addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS is super addicting game and after clocking over 150 hours (I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon by the way) I started to wonder what makes me so hooked on this game. How could a game about essentially just working and paying off debits be so rewarding? I do that in real life and it’s NOT fun.
 Some people like to play Animal Crossing nice and slow at a pace that is obvious the developer wants you to play. Little by little you progress new events trigger and sometimes even holidays and festivals. This keeps you engaged for the long term and ensure you’ll still be playing months from now. And some people like to grind it out and collect all the bells they can and also use time travelling to aid the progression of there game. Myself I like to play right in the middle. Some days I really grind it out collecting all I can, it’s something I usually do if I can’t sleep or am up really late when there is not much happening in the town and no shops are open. (I decided to keep the default town hours) Other times I like to have a chat with the always colorful towns fork, and see if there is anything I can do for them. I also enjoy decorating my home and from time to time a little gardening. (This is starting to read like an internet dating profile)
Anyways after some thought I realized what it is about this game, it’s just so delightful. The whole world and all it inhabitants are charming. And then when I put down the 3DS for a moment I start to wish my life was more like how it is in Animal Crossing.
Some examples include:
In Animal Crossing I go outside and my neighbors give me awesome nick names and tell me how cool I am.
In real life I go outside and my meddling neighbors complain about the height of my hedges.
In Animal Crossing I can expand my house at least every week.
In real life…since I moved in to my home last year, I changed umm… my shower head. That’s a start right?
In Animal Crossing I am the mayor and I work in an office and my co-worker is delightful and wants to help me any chance she gets.
In real life I work in an office, its horrible and soul sucking and my co-workers are all jerks….
You get the idea.
It’s refreshing to see such a polished, detailed game that doesn’t have to be about shooting or killing. Overall the world and the game just makes me feel happy and after all isn’t that what gaming is suppose to do to us.
What are your thoughts on Animal Crossing? What’s you style of play and are you as addicted as I am?

Thinking Out Loud: A New 3D Mario Game


E3 is just a few days away and im excited as a kid on Christmas. This E3 will be packed full of announcements and previews and I can hardly wait! One of the games I’m most excited for is the new 3D environment Mario game from Nintendo.


With the onslaught of side scrolling Mario games as of late (ei: New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Mario Bros. 2) it will be a refreshing return for the series. The truth is that besides the fact that we know this game exists we really don’t know anything about it at all. Mario’s last romp in a 3D environment was Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both games getting critical acclaim and scoring 97 out of 100 each on MetaCritic.


The question is where does Mario go from here? Will we see Super Mario Galaxy 3? Maybe Super Mario Sunshine 2? Or maybe a brand new title ….Super Mario Universe anyone? I hope for a brand new title, but anything will do if it has fun gameplay, beautiful robust worlds and gameplay mechanics unique to the Wii U and that crazy GamePad of theirs. Perhaps we see Mario share the spotlight a bit more with his Bro. Luigi? It is the year of Luigi after all.

All these questions and more will hopefully be answered after the hour long Nintendo Direct webcast on Tuesday @ 7:00AM PT. Keep it locked to The Midnite Edition for all the coverage. So what would you like to see from a New 3D Mario adventure? Sound off in the comments!


Big Things Coming This Week!


Well good reader there is another week full of exciting things ahead. Here is a look of what we will be covering in the next week. Hold on to your hats!

Sunday June 9th
Kicking things off is the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. I am super excited about this game and I cant wait to kiss reality good bye as I embark on my journey to my new town, and rise up through the ranks to become Mayor!

Monday June 10th

Apple is hoping to show the world that they still have a whole ton of innovation left in them. Starting at 10:00AM PT on Monday WWDC will kick off with a keynote. What we are hoping to see a look at the future of iOS with OS 7 which is rumored to have a flatter and cleaner UI. We will probably get a glimpse of the new iPhone. Other things on tap could be updates to Apples’ desktop software OS X, and the long rumored iRadio streaming service. All in all should be a good way to get rid of the case of the Mondays, am I right?

Tuesday June 11

Nintendo has their Nintendo Direct webcast which will showcase all the Wii U games that we are waiting for, I’m talking the next Mario Kart, a new 3D Mario game as well as a new Legend of Zelda title. And hopefully a few more surprises.

Tuesday June 11 – Thursday June 13th

E3 will be in full effect in Los Angeles there is going to be tons of new and previews coming out of this event. Microsoft and Sony will definitely be showing off their new consoles as well as some exclusive titles. Lots to see 😀

All in all there will be tons of content coming to the blog in next week. So keep it locked. Is there anything specific that you are excited about? Sound off in the comments

Is Nintendo Missing Out on An Easy Win?


Nintendo has a lot of good things going for them. They are company that is globally known. They are the reason most of us are gamers in the first place, and they have the most beloved franchises of any company, gaming or non-gaming. But one of the biggest advantages that Nintendo has right now is a handheld and home console that follows pretty much the same design philosophy. Two screens and engaging gameplay. The only thing is that Nintendo (as of now) is not taking advantage of this. Right now the 3DS is chugging away like a freight train at full speed. Hit after hit. Game after game. Then there is Wii U. It feels like it hasn’t even left the station yet. It got me to thinking what could Nintendo be doing to satisfy Wii U owners while we wait for the plethora of games we know are coming. (ex. Zelda, Mario Kart, 3D Mario ect.) Give us small downloadable games, like we have on the 3DS.

The other day I picked up my 3DS to download Mario and Donkey : Minis on the Move. The game itself (which I wont get to much into right now, a review is coming) was entertaining but about 30 minutes in I thought to myself “why can’t I play this on my Wii U?” You tap the bottom screen of the 3DS to set your tiles and watch the action unfold on the top screen. The Wii U gamepad and TV combo would work perfectly for that. Actually in that aspect the gameplay is very similar to Yoshi’s Fruit Cart on Nintendo Land. What better way to beef up the Wii U eshop then to have some other awesome titles from the 3DS or even DS. Like Advanced Wars on the Wii U who wouldn’t want that. Also going forward Nintendo could have a develop once and distribute twice strategy. Maybe even a buy on one system and get it for free on the other. 

We can assume that since Nintendo has joined their handheld and console teams into one office there will be some cross console plans. Hopefully they have something to show us soon. So what do you guys think? Would you like to play games like Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on The Move, on your Wii U’s?? Sound off in the comments.  

-Midnite Ninja-

Nintendo Direct May 17!


When Nintendo announced that they would not be doing a keynote at E3 this year it left some mixed feelings with the fans. Luckily though they will be doing a series of their wildly successful Nintendo Directs. The first of which will air May 17 and will take a look at the upcoming spring and summer games for the Wii U and 3DS. Looks like a little Friday fun tomorrow.
-Midnite Ninja-

Nintendo: Down But Not Out


There is a lot of talk as of late that Nintendo and its’ Wii U is down and out. Well its no secret that right now Nintendo may be down but they are far from out. To help me explain my point, I will start by telling you my experience with the Wii U.

I purchased my Wii U as soon as I could. I had to wait a week after its release because I was out of the country. I was so excited and pumped for the new console. A new way to play and a new experience with all the comfort and familiarity of Nintendo. I was so stoked. I brought the console home and unboxed it gently but with shaky excitement. (I was going to make a comparison here to something but I will let your imagination do that for me) Anyways, I powered on the console and my eyes were wide trying to soak in every menu, every screen and detail. I played Nintendo Land and was amazed and thought the next-gen was here and Nintendo is leading the way. Nintendo Land didn’t feel cheap. It didn’t feel like those last year bargain bin Wii party games. (thank god)

After I had my fill of Nintendo Land (and that damn annoying robot) I popped in New Super Mario Bros. U and boy did it knock my socks off. Mario’s first HD adventure and the world looked so beautiful. I stared at the screen just for a moment in awe. The worlds looked bright in the game and to me Nintendos’ future seemed just as bright. The gameplay and feel was fantastic, truly a sequel to Super Mario World. I played ZombiU and enjoyed that too despite what many critics where saying, but then something happened. Actually nothing happened. Nothing happened for a long long time. There was no real games that interested me enough to turn on the console, actually there still isn’t. My Wii U was getting dusty, I played my SNES more than my Wii U. I was disappointed that this fantastic machine has nothing to play but I have hope and here’s why.

Nintendo is no where near dead. People say they are failing to innovate and that their fate is sealed. But let’s take a minute and think rationally. Think of the line up that the big N could release at anytime. Mario Kart, Zelda (a remake and a brand new adventure) another Mario game this time with a 3D open world, Pikim 3, Yoshi’s Yarn and a new Smash Bros. Now listen to this sentence very carefully. THESE ARE JUST THE GAMES WE KNOW ABOUT. Nintendo is GREAT at keeping their stuff secret. Remember when they announced the HD remake of Wind Waker, like where the hell did that come from. Nintendo has all these games and more in their back pocket. For all we know there could be a new Metroid, Starfox, Donkey Kong. The list could go on and on. People WILL buy a console just for these games. Hell I bought a Wii U just on the fact that there was a new Super Mario Bros. game. Nintendo has great franchises and lovable characters which bring back fond memories of childhood.

Does this article make me a fanboi that turns a blind eye at the state the console is in right now? No, I don’t think so. I understand the challenges, and trust me I am disappointed in the dry spell of games right now too, but I also know that this fight isn’t over yet. Its’ barley just started. So people before you start saying the Wii U is a failure, think for a second. Isn’t Nintendo the reason why us most of us started gaming in the first place?  

-The Midnite Ninja